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Thanks all for your responses thus far, they've been very helpful.

A couple more questions to throw out there:

So, if I don't use the batteries for a month, should I simply charge them, then use the charger to discharge/charge, then store again? If so, great, that's simple enough.

Some FAQ's I've read suggest that you not use the charger's conditioning feature until after 10 charges, and to use them normally in your device. One mentioned that using it initially to condition batteries can put excessive strain on them and decrease life.

It's just that it's hard when you don't use your camera to take 100 pics a day, but the high powered disposable cells are just too expensive.

Finally, my BC-900 should be here tomorrow. I also have a MH-C204W. Would one be better than the other for cell conditioning (new cells or used?)

Again, thanks for your responses . . .
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