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Hi John,
I am getting into this discussion late, as I have been away. I bought the F10 and returned it after two weeks because I could not get used to using a camera that did not have an optical viewfinder. I also thought the LCD could be larger and the xD cards are more expensive than SD cards used by other manufacturers. Anyway, I bought the SD550 and I just love it for its size, photo quality, bright large LCD, viewfinder and good battery life. Yes, that's right. Battery life is no where near as poor as I read it would be. I have had no problems with battery life at all. And when the charge goes down, I just pop out the battery and charge in any outlet - very easy and very fast, no hassle operation. After trying the F10, if you decide that it's not for you, you cannot go wrong with the SD550. It is not just a coincidence that it is one of the very best selling and most popular cameras. It exudes QUALITY!
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