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I did a windows restore before the point i installed the drivers , This time i didnt install the software, just plugged in the camera and waited for Windows to detect the driver, which it did, and as soon as USB mass storage drives was detected IT displayed a blue screen.: 0x000000A IRL_NOT_LESS_OR EQUAL.

This is quite frustating iam sure it has to do with Usb mass storage detection.

Ubs mass storage is the protocol used by hard drives and removable disk device over usb, is basiclly scsi over USB. (ipod use this too)

In 2001 Olympus, Nikon, Konica, Sony , Fuji etc started to use Usb mass storage device.

Apart of Usb mass storage you have PTP , picture transfer protocol is a standarized protocol developed by kodak to provice a standard way to acess digital camera.

Sony also started using PTP in adition to Mass storage protocol.

Canon seem to use another protocol which mean i maybe not get this problem with canon, but the good solution would be to find out why my pc failt on Usb mass storage .

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