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Ken Rogers wrote:
Thank you for the reply. I just read something that says to only use circular polarizing filters with cameras that have auto-focus. Is this true?
See post at:mtngal wrote:
WhatIS the difference between a linear and a circular polarizer?

Ira Tiffen, of the Tiffen filter company, wrote an article describing different filters that is worth bookmarking:

In it, he explains the difference between circular and linear polarizers thus:

"Certain camera optical systems employ internal surfaces that themselves polarize light. Using a standard (linear) polarizer will cause the light to be further absorbed by the internal optics, depending on the relative orientation. A Circular Polarizer is a linear one to which has been added,on the side facing the camera, a quarter wave "retarder." This "corkscrews" the plane of polarization, effectively depolarizing it, eliminating the problem. The Circular Polarizer otherwise functions in the same manner."
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