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PeHa wrote:
rduve wrote:
Is the softening of the edges by the Raynox DCR6600 worse on the FZ30 than it was on the FZ20? I never noticed it when I had my FZ20, have not tried the DCR6600 much on my FZ30, but the sample shots I am seeing are pretty bad as far as edge softness is concerned.
Can't compare with FZ20 but, yes, there is a softening of edges with the HD66000-55 (exactly the same as DCR6600 except for the 55 mm attachment ring). This is shown inanother thread here.Actually,the wholeimage doesn't have the sharpness and details you're used to with the clean Leica lens. The images are acceptable up to a certain size, not sure yet exactlywhat,anything abovewill look weak when blowing it upfull size (at least, that's my experience).

My theory is that the 6600 optical specifications regarding resolution just can't handle 8MP well.If that's true,itexplainswhy you haven'tnoticedit with the FZ20 and its 5MP. Haven't seen such adegradewhen usingthe TCON17 but it might be because I most often use the3MP mode to get the maximum tele effect. 3MP alsomeans a crop, cutting possibly softedges.

Anyway, I'm still quite happy with the 6600beingaware of the restrictions here!

Here is a shot I took with my FZ20 and the Raynox DCR6600. No edge softness here. It would manifestin the street lights at the bottom since this shotis in portrait mode. Very sharp throughout. If the problem on the FZ30 lies in the increased MP, would I not be better off using just 5MP?
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