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Big Dumb Guy wrote:
Needless to say, I know absolutely nothing, I mean nothing about digital cameras. Someone I work with suggested I check to see if all of the old manual lenses I have for my Nikon FM will work with the Nikon D50. I am going to be in the market for a digital camera soon, so if this is possible, it will narrow my choice very quickly. If this sounds stupid, I apologize beforehand.
Yes, you can use lenses from your Nikon FM on the D50. But the auto-focus, iTTL flash, and metering of the D50 will likely not work with those lenses. You will have to use them in manual mode. There are some situations like macro and long tele that might be practical to use them but with the sweet auto focus, superb metering and iTTL flash of the D50 you will probably never use those lenses on the D50.

But I still think you should buy the D50. I think the D50 is the best Nikkon dSLR available now. I am thinking of 'upgrading' to D200 but can not think of the advantage. Even if they cost the same I still think the D50 is a better buy. The lighter weight and the SD card of the D50 alone are enough for me to choose the D50.

Many photographers, including my self, believe Nikon brought out this top of the line at a very reasonable price was to catch the big market of new comers to dSLR. Looks to me Nikon is looking for lots of $$$$ from the mas-market of the D50 for developments fund need to keep on top of the industry.
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