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welcome indeed..

i like the depth of field in the first one, but you cut off the beak, and it being a major body part in the area of interest of the shot, its a definate mistake..

i would like to see the feet in the 2nd shot, its a bit awkward of a composition with just the body of the bird..

the last one is just a little too centered and lacking in eye contact..

also, you are going to need to do somepost-process with a dslr..the manufactures set their cameras up tobe a littlesoft and lackingin contrast and saturation on purpose.. this gives you control over your image in post.. so pick up a good editing software, maybe photoshop elements or paint shop pro x.. and pick up a nice book to go along with it.. learn the basics of sharpening,levels, curves, etc.. you will be surprised what some very minorpost-work can do foryour pics..

like i said, welcome to the forum, look forward to tracking your progress.. you are off to a good start, and lets see some more when you get a chance to get back out with you're cam..

best of luck to ya,
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