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Thanks for the input slipe, I'll check out the reviews for the cameras you mentioned.

Regarding the ISO and all that, I like to leave it as low as possible, for the noise factor. Anything more than 100 on my A85 comes out terrible.

The movement I'm worried about is my own, meaning camera shake. I know there's nothing I can do about subject movement, but I haven't encountered that problem. I think I'm just unsteady holding the camera while I look at the LCD and snap photos. I'm hoping to figure out if these cameras that have "image stabilization" technology really work. Meaning, all cameras advertise a red-eye reduction feature that never works. So I wouldn't want to go out and buy a prosumer camera and find out afterward that the stabilization stuff was B.S.

I'm looking mostly at the Canon S2. As stupid as this sounds, I like how it looks. (I'm thinking the same way I would buying a car. Performance is important, but I'd like to have a combo of function and style.) Plus, the Canon menus and software are very user-friendly.

Thanks again.
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