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Default film as digital evolves

I have some photographic experience, still a newbie, and have only a consumber digicam....waiting for for a DSLR that is cheap and great....the new canon has my interest peaked, but the gripes about quality control concern me.....but anyway with each new improvement in these digital SLRs and such, I feel compeled to re-ask the question:
So how does digital compare to film *now*?

A person can buy a great $400 dollar film camera (or less) that can take pictures that are virtually indistinguishable from anything from a pro setup (so long as the glass is equal).

How does, say, the Canon 10D compare to that same $400 Elan? Is there still something about the CCD/CMOS that still can't quite eek out that final bit of film-like quality? Is there a film quality that digital still can't match? Can only the fully profession DSLR meet the level of film? ...and finally, just how hard is it to tell a digital picture (from the 10D) and a good film setup?


The convenience of digital is without debate, but let's talk straight "quality of image" here.
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