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Kanon wrote:
[align=center]:-)Hi there squirl033 - I use to live in Woodinville, Wa. Lots of great photo opts in that area particulariy wildlife. That is about the only time I used my 300mm lens.[/align]
hi Kanon! yeah, there are some pretty good photos to be had up this way... as long as it isn't raining! we've had the drips for the last 2 weeks almost without a break, so there hasn't been much opportunity to get out with my camera. it's nice having a long lens (mine will reach to 430mm, and i have a teleconverter that bumps that up to 620mm if i need it) for critters, and sometimes other stuff, but there's an awful lot of pretty scenery here that can be captured with a standard lens. one of the things that's kept me in this state in spite of the crowds, high taxes, and horrid politics is the fact that it's one of the few states where you can drive for 3 hours and be in any of 4 different major geographical areas... seacoast, mountains, desert, or temperate forest. talk about photo ops!

anyway, welcome to the forum! keep those shots coming... just inspires me all the more to get those shots of the Sawtooths!
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