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Hey everyone!

I found this website through Google and it's amazing how helpful this website has been! Right now I'm a beginner photographer. I use a Kodak DX6490 at the moment, and I absolutely love the pictures it takes.

The thing is, it's not mine. It's a relatives and she lets me use it often. I am looking to buy my own camera now, and sinse I'm new to all this I need some advice.

Here is what I'm looking for in a camera:
Digital Camera, anything 4MegaPixels or above
Easy Focusing/focus settings
Good low light/night photos
Built in flash
And hopefully somewhere around the price range of $200-500.

I'm using it mainly to take dark, low-light images at amusement parks. Also, fast moving objects like roller coaster trains, ect.. I'd like something that takes good night time pictures without the image looking distorted or fuzzy. The Kodak DX6490 is great at night and thats what I like about it. I want something similar, but not the same one.

I'm really looking forward to some responces and advice, thanks in advance!
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