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I'm currently an FZ20 owner and I love my camera. However, I recently had a chance to play with an FZ30. Wow, I was so impressed with the improvements. The grip is more comfortable, the flip out LCD, and I loved the exposure control dials on the front and back of the hand grip. I think the most important improvement, honestly, is the higher resolution LCD. I can't tell you how many times I think I have a good focus on something, only to find an extremely soft image when uploaded to my computer. The auto-focus assist isa nice feature,but on a screen like the FZ20's, that enlarged center area is not resolute enough to give me an accurate focus. It becomes a judgement call, that I only get right, I would say, 30-50 percent of the time. So, I think I decided to upgrade to the 30. The focus ring on that camera "feels" better to me and the screen/EVF leave no doubt as to whether or not I am focused correctly. I am not an ultra serious photographer,so I expect the30 couldeasily meet my needs for years and years to come.

Question, is it worth waiting for the FZ40 (or whatever is next)? What direction will Panny go? Larger sensor/less noise? Maybe the 16:9 sensor on the LX1? What other major improvements does anyone see coming? Should I hold out? Like I said, the 30 would probably meet my needs for a long time (as would the 20 if it weren't for the LCD), but I don't want to short change myself. I doubt we'll ever see a large sensor/low noise camera in this line anyway, because they would have to drop the 35-420 mm to keep the lense size manageable (like Sony's RD-1), and frankly, I don't mind using neat image from time to time. Can I get some thoughts on this?
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