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squirl, I agree with you very much.

I have printed out 8x10 pictures from the FZ-5, FZ-20 and FZ-30 and,while the FZ-30 is a more user friendly camera, the image quality is not significantly better than the previous models, at all(infactI think the 5 and 20offer better pictures inambient light).I am torn over spending the extra money for the 30.

To me, photography...whether usingtraditional silver halide photos or digital, are aboutthe images and image quality, period. It would be very nice for Panasonic to keep the awesome features and ergonomics of the FZ-30, keep the same sensor size as the FZ-30, butreduce the pixel count to the 6.0 MP range to getbetter quality images. But consumers not knowledgeable enough might consider this a step backwards.

I would venture to say that most people purchasing digicams are driven by other purchase motivaters than thephotographic enthusiasm displayed by the knowledgeable and helpful people here. More megapixels will probably be the next step to entice continuing sales. --K
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