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THE PROBLEM I am having is that in sunlight, the LCD display is absolutely bleached out.* I literally can't see anything.* HOWEVER WHEN I press video record, the brightness reduces and while it is filming, things look fine and I can see what I'm doing.* STOP RECORDING and the screen bleaches out again.* LIKEWISE WHEN I take a still photo, for the second that it grabs the photo, the LCD screen reduces to a normal brightness.* BUT BEFORE that point, I literally cannot see what I am trying to film (as a comparison, it's like trying to take a flash photo through a camera viewfinder at night, before the advent of LCDs, you have to try and guess where you're pointing).* JUST TO PRE-EMPT:* I have tried turning the LCD brightness down to lowest, and turning of the backlight.* THE REASONS FOR these stupid capitals is because using these forums on a Mac, there is no way to put any formatting in, not even line breaks - if I press the code buttons above I get an "Invalid Entry" error page, so I thought the capitals might make things more legible.
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