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barkerlass wrote:
Thanks Bill for your help, it is wildlife/birds that il be using it for mostly and sturdier the better il take a look at link you gave. regards.
Well, if you are going to use the tripod with any frequency, you have two choices:

1. Buy a good quality tripod/head now

2. Buy a cheap tripod now and replace it a year or two down the road with a good tripod/head

I think something like the Bogen 3011 legs with 486RC2 ballhead or even the Grip Action ballhead (don't recallmodel number)might be a great start. I personally pushed up to the 3021Bpro leges with 488RC4 ballhead. Total cost was about $250 USD I think - but it's a very stable setup. A little heavy on a hike but to get this stability with a lighter load you're looking at carbon fiber which doubles the cost of the legs. I would advise getting a setup that has double the load capacity of your current camera/lens. That will give you some stability and room to grow.
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