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Thanks for your help, really much appreciated.

I do use my Kit lens quite a bit, using the telephoto(70-300) for trips to the zoo and airport etc. but i sometimes feel that the kits lens and the telephoto have that gap in between, (which obviously they do) So taking into account your other points regariding the other lenses you talk about for the other styles, what do you or anyone think is a good lense to cover the range between the two. I just feel I could do with something that still has an element to take things that are not right in front of me but still have the ability to have a wide end aswell to enance the "walk about feature" hence why i was considering something like the 18/24-105/135 lenses, if i do get one of these what do you recommend? Or do you think the 17-85 you mentioned would be a better option/lense?

I'll hunt some more for info about the other lenses for more specific applications.


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