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Default Which camera for taking live sport features?


Being new to the world of digital camera, I need some help here.

I'm after a camera that would be suitable for sporting events (I'm playing and watching a lot of volleyball, my brothers are in other sports like horse-riding ...) and bird watching. As you can see not only I need a camera with the smallest shutter lag possible but I probably need a reasonnable (read - more than the usual 3x) optical zoom thrown in for good measure.

The size of the CCD is not too important, these pictures are more for my pleasure than professionnal. If I can print them 7x5" that owuld be fine (I suppose 3Mp enough, but what about 2Mp ?)

I already have a 35mm type Canon EOS, but sometime (especially weekends out) it would be so much more practical to have a small camera rather than that one !

I'm getting the hang of the features and vocabulary but finding the right camera is a bit of a nightmare ! So if anybody can give me some names and/or models to go by that would be appreciated !


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