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absolutely, d-man!

two bedrooms + a loft, 1 1/2 baths (gonna change that to 2 full baths) 1500 sq. ft.

of deck and twenty acres, not including the 2500 feet of water front, and my boat.

actual ocean (sand & surf & bikini clad girls) - hour and a half west.

seattle (hella nightlife and more ladies than you can shake a stick at) - half hour north.

huge volcano - hour and a half east.

forests - can't turn around without hitting a tree!

photo ops up the ying-yang!

i'm here till august 1st., and then i'm heading on a backpack-through-europe photo

trip for about a month by myself. after that? just broke up with girlfriend, so, who

knows? my new life's an open book!

so to any who want to visit my in this horrible place, pack you gear and get out here!

(might want to wait till the rain stops, though:-))



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