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This is very dependant on your comfort level. I too hesitated a long time, but finally could not wait any more and got one on Ebay for $388 +$45 shipping.

Now it is expected to be available in the US in february which is not far away, although the unknown is what will be the street price when it does. We saw the price for import go from $599 to $380 in about a month , so it is hard to predict if the US reseller will hold the initial price or not.

Clearly import models do not carry a warranty, but if the price is lower enough, you could argue that the difference will pay for a possible repair. Given the fact that it looks like Japanese models (DMX) and international models(VPC) are the same, I suppose that we can still get the imported model repaired by Sanyo Fisher (you could eventually call them to confirm). In addition some Cie like apparently Warehouse123 seem to offer their own warranty on the camera.

So it is a balance between cost / peace of mind / delay.

Happy thinking
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