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bilybianca wrote:
To use older Pentax lenses you have to set your camera to "allow aperture ring" in the menu settings.

I have done so, with the result that the kit lense (DA 16-45) lense work just like always. The KA lenses work as they should when i put the aperture ring on "A", and when i put them on a manually chosen aperture they work just as the pre-"A"-lenses.

Is there any advantage in setting the menu at "dont allow aperture ring"? Why does this option exist at all? What have I missed?


i don't think i know this subject well enough.
would any photographer prefer to use aperture instead of via the camera?
there are so many versions of pentax or pentax compatible (like tamron adaptall , sigma variants) that somewhere this feature is needed
tamron adaptall uses the AE function as it has one more stop (32) above 22 (pentax max).
maybe this function is needed if you want to set 32\\f/32?
i have not had a clue

that is just one little i know as a newbie
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