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I recently sold my Minolta F100 and am looking to upgrade. I would like a camera I can learn the ins and outs of photography. I am looking for a faster camera than the F100 (shouldn't be too hard) and one that can serve all my camera duties until I find the need to upgrade or buy a new camera to expand my options.

Costco has the A620 for $350 and the P880 for $400 after rebate so the cost is essentially the same.

A620 pros:
Secure Digital media
AA batteries
swivel LCD
FAST camera
Movie mode
Size more pocketable

Not wide angle???
Lower zoom range

P880 Pros:
Better zoom range (longer and wider)
More control (manual zoom, RAW, etc.)
More expansion options (hot shoe, PC sync, etc.)

Speed? Compared to the A620 seems to be worse at low light levels/indoor?
Proprietary battery

I am not entirely sure what I will be shooting the most, but I like the IDEA of a wide angle zoom (24mm opposed to 35mm) for indoor and landscape shots. This is my main concern is this flexibilty worth the lack of AA batteries, swivel lens, better movie mode, size? I also want a camera I can grow into over time, yet be accessible enough I will use it often. I am concerned about the speed of the P880, I am not sure if the reviews treat it the same as the A620 as it seems to be in a different class (Prosumer vs. enthusiast point and shoot) as well as the general size.

Basically I would like someones input on both and if one is more suited to what I am looking for. The Canon seems to be on top right now due to the battery, slightly lower cost (will make a 2GB SD card easier to buy), and size. Am I missing anything by not choosing the 24mm zoom and longer zoom, RAW, and future expandability? Also it seems the P880 MAY be better at focusing/dumping buffer with a POSSIBLE firmware upgrade, any thoughts here?

If it is a toss-up I may end up getting both and returning the one I like least (Costco has a GREAT return policy so not too big a deal), but with any luck I will pick correctly the first time and not have to go through the hassle.

If there is any other camera I should look at as well please let me know. The features I am most interested in:
$300-400 lower is better, more money for accessories
Secure digital
AA batteries
Fast shot-toshot times
Good quality pictures
Manual controls I want to be able to play with photography
Versital zoom
Movie mode
Good indoor/outdoor performance
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