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The P880 is a nice bit of kit, no doubt.

With a 24mm wide angle lens you will certainly shoot some impressive shots, most 'wide angle' P&S cams start at 28mm. Id certainly recommend this camera as one to grow into, and definetley if you want nice wide angle shots from the get go. By the way its movie mode is excellent too and reviews say its focus and performs well in low light.

The A620 is a lovely camera too. It offers excellent photographic control and a nice swivel LCD. For general photography Id recommend this to anyone.

The S2 IS is a Ultrazoom. If you wanted bigger zoom capability though Id seriously review the many threads pitting the S2 IS against , FZ5 (soon to be FZ7), FZ20 and FZ30, Sony H1 and Kodak P850 - all excellent UZs.

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