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When considering a 24 mm wide angle, one should not forget the Coolpix 8400. I rate the image quality about the same as the P880, but unlike the P880 the CP 8400 has an excellent swivel LCD, which is twice as valuable for wide angle cameras. Yes the P880 has a much wider zoom range, but without image stabilisation the extended zoom range is hardly usable. While the CP 8400 has no image stabiliser, it has Nikon's proprietary best shot selector, which is also a good medicine against shake, but clearly an image stabiliser is more comfortable. Despite all the idiotic restrictions in the firmware I still would purchase the CP 8400 again.
I do not share E.T's opinion about ultrazooms, but he is right that ultrazooms are weak in the wide angle area. If you need more wide angle like myself, then two cameras are the right choice. The CP 8400 and the FZ5 ultrazoom combined are significantly smaller than the Samsung 815 monster, cost less and together they are much more versatile.

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