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Yes, the lithium battery I've had it with rechargeable AAs

Sort of in the middle- not the simple $150 or so point and shoot, take pictures of the kids and holidays, etc. but not the $1200+ full blown SLR(digital).

I've had 35mm SLRs in the past, one a Pentex K1000 and one a Minolta, both had changable lenses (to zoom) Manual and auto settings.

I probably won't be using manual settings too much (maybe in low light, special effects)and like a built in Zoom.

As to greeting cards, more like "notecards" I've been using my Epson and cheapy Lexmark printer, with fair results (more like to learn with). I'm using plain cardstock and think it might help to have a semi gloss coating on one side to print on.

I know someone who makes notecards with an HP injet printer on prefolded (not coated) cards, that come out nice. But, he uses art (either colored on the computer or with markers- clear and bright)

I've been compensating for lack of quality with my previous digital cameras by learning PhotoShop. Turning them into art, or designs, etc.

I'm not really sure what I need and what's best, within my price range, also.

I've been using my daughters's Mavica 350 and I like how that works (and has a zoom, though not too much) but don't want to mess with the mini cds. But, that's a good example. I was told elsewhere Canon and Nikon have the best lenses (in someone's opinon) and I know from my 35mms that lens are important, too, not just how many megapixels.

In my notes I have Canon S215 powershot, up to 1/3200 shutter (if manual) and 12X ZOOM. But, it uses 4AA batteries. Price I have (without shopping around, and from the review, probably on this site) is $499.

This would be good, except for the batteries. But, an idea to go by.

Mainly, I think what I'm looking for is someone who knows the various cameras, in this case the Canons who might also know drawbacks to some of them. Like, if I were looking at the Sony Mavica (which I believe is no longer being made) the problems with the mini CDs would be a consideration.

Also, I like having the option of showing the pictures on my TV (maybe most of the digitals have this?) With my Epsons, I've gotten into the habit of showing them through my VCR and tapiing them (like a slide show) and looking at them on the t.v. screen, picking out ones I like (on a larger screen) before taking them off the camera.

But, this is just a plus, and the new computer I'm getting has a 19" monitor, so as big as my t.v.

I probably won't be actually getting a camera till the end of this week, or next week (and not really a hurry I can look around)

I love technology!

~ Carrie

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