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Im looking to get a digital camera for the first time.

Im mainly looking for a camera which is nice and small and quite lightweight, something which can be put in my pocket which isnt going to be annoying to carry round.

I intend to the use the camera for general nights out with friends and during holiday, which is more of a lads holiday than taking any scenic shots. So really something which is going to produce some decent enough results with the flash on at night time. Im not looking for a professional image quality, just something which I can take photos quickly and fuss free but also capturing it decent enough. Hard to explain but im sure you know what i mean.
Something around 5 megapixel and of a cost £200. Memory isnt much of an issue because I will probably buy a bigger card but it looks like SD is much cheaper memory compared to xD or MS Duo.

So far after looking around ive narrowed it down to the following:

- Canon ixus 50/55 (sd400/sd450)
- Casio S500
- Sony DSC-T5
- Fuji Finepix Z1

Im more or less pursuaded to get the canon, mainly due to its good reviews and also the fact I have a canon pixma ip5000, which i think the 2 together would produce some great prints. And that the memory is cheaper than the rest.
The sony sounds like a great camera as well, apart from its memory costs.

So anyways, could someone please help me out with which to decide on and put my mind at ease. Im gonna go actually check out the camera first at a jessops store or something before I purchase.

Any help is much appreaciated.

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