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squirl033 wrote:
Ken, Lord knows i'll be relishing retirement too, when my time comes... i got a few years left in the ratraceyet thought. but i can safely say, when i do trade my security badge for the blissful relaxation of perpetual weekends, i will be spending a lot more time out and about with whatever technological marvel the digital imaging world has persuaded me to buy... unless i'm still using my trust ol' FZ20!
The odd thing is, it took about two years to let go of the feeling I was just on an extended vacation, and was going back to work soon. Ugh! I guess even after you swing down from the saddle it takes awile to quit walking bowlegged! I was (still am) amazed at the number of folks who asked if I was going back to work. My wife being the worst culprit!:lolwhy would you want to stick a bean up your nose T W I C E ? ) These days, a healthy critter ought to take the opportunity if it's there, and do the kick back, andrelax routine...unless "the job" is the job of your dreams and how you enjoy yourself. I much prefer being retired. I still work, as in I do more cooking, grocery shopping, and household chores, because wifey still works, and this is still a partnership. Nothing gets done by itself. But inner peace, less stress, more time...can only do you good, and you'll definately scratch the itch to get out and work your camera! Best regards, you and Frontier are on the verge of happy trails...

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