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I have 2 toddlers.. The majority of my indoor shooting is low light. My place has indirrect lighting in everyroom. I've been very impressed with the photos and video. I have nothing but positive to say about the S2...

But I do have a quick question. I've heard people trying to decide from different camera models consistantly.. though I've never seen it between these 3 cameras..

Is there a reason you've chosen these 3?

The biggest 'simple' difference is size in this comparison, is that the S2 is quite a bit larger. The S2 is also an 'ultra zoom' camera. The others have standard p&s zoom.

Maybe if you can explain your needs a bit more, and your price range, we can suggest more?


On another quick note.. You did mention 'compact'.. The S2 is not a compact camera.. the body size is one of the largest for point and shoot type cameras.. A camera that's similar (and I can also vouch for) is the Canon A 610 or A620. A superb camera.

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