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I agree, but it does show me that the DS is capable of photography as good as the 20D and there is really no reason to switch from Pentax to C or N to capture exceptional images. I actually find Canon images to be over processed and like the idea that Pentax allows me to do the processing my self so I get the image I want, not the image the camera picked for me. Both photographers shooting with me (C and N) were shooting RAW files so they could process the color and highlights after the fact, while I was shooting jpg and getting just the color I wanted right out of the camera.

One of them called me last night and asked me how I managed to get the color of the pheasant and the shadow detail in the snow with my DS and what kind of PP I used. He was amazed when I told him that I just let the camera meter do the work and that pretty much everything that comes out of my DS looks like that.

I doesn't hurt to have a sharp contrasty lens though!


Monza76 wrote
The Canon 20D, at low ISO, sometimes produces images so smooth they don't look real (they look like really good computer images). This is not a bad thing since we can always add noise to give the image more "character". This image does look over-processed, lacking the range of colour and detail of the other pelican. The contrast and saturation seem way too high. I would put it down to user error or the image was misread and grossly underexposed by the camera (the shorter focal length meant the Canon was reading much more blue sky).

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