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LoveLife wrote "Search eBay for "FZ30 w-angle""

Ok, so are you JK Consultants? I have been admiring your photos, and wondering about all the different lens tests, which I have yet to fully digest. I guess as a novice , I am still trying to figure out exactly which w/a and Tele lens I should get for the FZ-30. To say I am somewhat confused by all the different hype would be an understatement. While I am nowhere on a "pro" level of photography, I don't want to make the same mistakes twice in purchasing and returning lens. Every manufacturer always say theirs is the best, and even in forums there are different opinions. I guess my real question is, 'If you could only have one lens of each(macro, tele, & W/A), which would you own for the FZ-30.

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