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Yeah, I am pretty much leaving it in the "P" setting, but I am dabbling with a few things here and there. I will play with the scene modes at times, and I use the Shutter Priority mode when shooting at my jiu-jitsu classes (and for my kids upcoming soccer season I am sure it will come in handy).

I am learning all the time. I am a technology/gadget/pc geek at times. Working my way through a large instructional on photoshop. Put out by Adobe, called Photoshop 7 Classroom in a Book. Comes with a cd with pictures (starting and ending) so that you can work along with each lesson. View the ending pic, then open the starting pic, work through the lesson, see how close you get, rinse and repeat.

I have captured some nice images from the birth of my brothers first child, praise services at our church, youth meetings (I am a youth pastor :?). They are good enough for my personal photo collections, but I want to learn to use this camera to its full potential.

If I find time between work, youth pastoring, raising 3 sons, training jiu-jitsu, and trying to occassionally eat and sleep; I may look into some photo courses here at UT, Knoxville.
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