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LoveLife wrote:
stnkline wrote:
It is difficult to tell the difference in quality on a monitor. Is the 08 as good as the 07? Do you use the stepup/your ring step down?

TIA LoveLife

Now you should be able to see the difference.

The WCON08B is using a 55-62mm TRing

The WCON07 is using a combination 55-62mm Step-up ring and a 62-55mm CRing

Your: is [1854KB]
And your: is [4143KB]

My question was:"Is the 07 a better quality lens than the 08". The two above pictures are of different resolutions so it is difficult to check the sharpness, lack of aberrations ofeach lens, etc. So in your honest opinion Which is better?! i.e.which lens on the FZ30 takes a BETTER picture ignoring the obvious difference between a .8 [28] and a .7[24] ?

Thanks again

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