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Hi squirl033, a LOVELY shot - great scene for a beautiful photo! Well done! The contrast between the water, trees, mountain and sky makes a great nature feel! And I agree a photo like this makes winter seem less depressing!

I know this is not the critiques section, but I just felt to make a few comments. For me, this photo seemed better served with a centre crop, to bring out those lovely mountains in the background (there seems too much "wasted" tree / river area compared to it). Also the sky (particularly at left) seems rather overexposed. And even the water wouldn't hurt being a bit darker. So I dropped down the brightness a bit, and made the crop - here it is below. Hope that's ok.... (you have enough brightness in the trees, etc to make it a bit darker without loosing detail). |Also those nearer-by rocks on the left in your photo IMHO distract rather than add to the "flowing river" feel.

But maybe I'm wrong and your original photo is the best, just a thought from me. However whatever the outcome, you've captured a great landscape moment... well done and please keep posting, I enjoy looking at your photography.

Regards, Paul
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