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Oh Lord, I wouldn't send a $200 camera off to camp. It's not only your daughter who will be using it.

All of this would appear to point toward taking a laptop, as well. Where is she going to store the images?

Will she have access to a computer where she can offload the photos and e-mail them to herself or to you for storage?

Yes, Smartmedia is cheap but how long is camp, how many photos, etc. etc.

**She can use any disposable camera and have the images transferred to a CD when she gets back.

If she absolutely, positively has to go digital, then I would check out e-Bay for one of I/O Magic's "MagicImage 500" cameras. I just saw one listed with no bids at $20.

Yeah, it says $99.99 but I bought mine at a local computer store for my kids for $39.99 and paid another $15 for a 32MB Smartmedia card (the max. memory it takes...4MB card comes with the camera.

-Pocket-sized (3.15 x 3.3 x 1.26 in. )
-1280X960 on HiRes
-Point and shoot
-built-in flash
-AA batteries
-Automatically turns itself off when not in use to save batteries (you need that feature...)
-800k pixels
-30 standard 1024X768 per 4MB
-some distortion in the lens (hey, it's CHEAP!)
-genuine "leatherette" carry case!!!

Battery Park area of NYC, just south of World Trade Center site on 9/11/2002 ~~ Is this quality good enough?

The pictures they actually take...

I sometimes let my 12-year-old daughter shoot with my D770 and she enjoys photography. But she ain't takin' it to camp or even to school with her friends!

photo enthusiast and parent of a 12-year old girl
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