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It very much depends on the sort of quality your Dad is happy with.

The Ricoh R3 (28 - 200mm) has received some poor reviews, but also some good ones so long as you bear in mind what it is - they've crammed a lot into a small camera and it has it's limitations. I'm looking at it as a P&S pocketable complement to my A2.

I've also looked at the LX1, the S80 and the Kodak V750. I discounted theS80 because it has no IS.

The LX1 has had good reviews, ISand I love the 16:9 shot, but it could be tricky for your dad to print it off as it's not standard size,as prints are what he wants.

Is there some way you could get you Dad into a shop and let him handle them all, see which he feels most comfortable with?

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