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I guess we gonna have to agree to disagree on this one and leave as it is...there is no point in me trying to prove to you that I did it handheld (honestly I did...and it took me about10 shotsto get that perfect shot using viewfinder, i hate carrying tripod around, especially in a museum) will become another "you say this and I say that sorta argument"...

Isn't that why people buy digital cameras anyway? So you can take as many shots as you like, and go home and select the best out of the bunch to print, upload, share and brag about? I ain't a professional photographer or anything but to demand a camera outputs perfect flawless magazine style photographs every time you use it is to assume that the operator behind it is flawless

although I do agree with what you mean in terms of the 1/focal length rule, however, IS supposed to allow it to go a bit further, at about 1/10 or so if my memory serves me correctly from dpreview

All in all, I ain't complaining about"MY" S2, its serving me quite well so far, I enjoy using this lil munchiken very well,and I am aware that it ain't a DLSR and wont be one. People tend to expect too much and get disappointed in the end.

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