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Its a pleasure Joe, I'm very happyI could help. You have bought a very good camera indeed.The first camera I bought was the 5500 which is the predecesor to your camera. I still have it although I have just recently bought the 9500 which I am equally delighted with.

The 5500 has never failed meand despite my kak-handed endeavours, it hasnever failed toproduce a great result. It'san ideal camera, in my opinion, with which to get into the hobby. It has a very fool-proof Auto mode and then the PASM modes for when you want to start exploring more. I believe the 5600 is every bit as good as the 5500 and more. You are going to have a lot of fun with it - I would read the manual through a good few times to get a feel for what the camera is about and you will findever willing and helpful assistance here, foranything that needs further explanation (we also have more than a few computer boffins here as well).

Happy snapping - looking forward to seeing you post some pics.


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