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I had my FZ5 for some months now and getting to know it better I also seen it´s limitations. Well, it´s the software part that annoys me...
One thing I really need is longer shutter speeds, above the eight seconds that Panasonic for some reason put as a limit. There is other things I´m not so happy with but let´s not get in to it, the real reason I´m writing is as follows.

Since we all know that Panasonic doesn´t seems interested in updating their firmware wse, is it possible to flash the FZ5 with the FZ7 firmware?
However, I dont know were to get the FZ7 firmware end even less how to install it on the FZ5...
I´ts just a thought since I tweaked around with mainboards (BIOS) and graphic cards on PC´s to achive better performance... with success. :-)

The hole idea might sound a little crazy to you guys but I really have to ask.

Sorry if my english is a bit backwards.

Thanks, Petro.
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