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That's exactly what I meant with: influence our decisions.
Many beginners (like me) started intensive reading after buying the camera.
There are not all themes covered in the tests.
eg. I did not know that there are only minimalistic USB functions!

So we should tell everybody:
The Panasonic is a dead end camera!
Panasonic is not prepared or willing to change "draw backs" ot their cameras.
In this case:
- LCD behaviour in low light conditions
- black out in continous shooting
- longer exposures
- remote control via USB
All this should be adressable by a software/firmware update!
Some of us would pay for this service!?

I hope there will be an open source camera (Leicix?) with an excellent optics somedays.
Up to then we have to live with these fast living cooperations of Leica->Pana->EBAY, concentrating more on pixel wars than quality.

Does anybody use the alignment software for the FZ5?
This software gives us some impression of unused features in the FZ5.
I have found discussions on such this software for the FZ3-FZ20 and FZ30, but not for the FZ5. A tempting but dangerous tool.


one last word:
The FZ is the first camera where I did not use any kind of software from the kit!
At least a NR software should be presented by Panasonic.

PetroL wrote:
.... However, next one doesn't seem to be a Panasonic. I think that development of a product should be an ongoing process, not stopped as soon it leave's the factory.
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