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Hi Everyone,

This is my first post here, be gentle. I've had my FZ30 a few days, trying to get used to it, test its limits, etc. Here's what I've done:
1. FZ30/Raynox DCR2020Pro on tripod, aimed at object approx. 50' away.
2. Took a shot with autofocus, 2 second timer.
3. Examined image on pc. Perfect focus.
4. Autofocused again on same object, adjusted diopter for clear image in viewfinder.
5. Manually focused to damn near perfection in viewfinder. Took the shot, 2 second timer.
6. Examined image on pc. Not in focus.

I finally did this because my manually focused shots up to this point were not in focus. I wanted to be sure it was not due to motion, diopter adjustment, etc.

Could anyone shed some light on this for me? A focused image in focus assist should result in a focused photo, no? I'm hoping it's pilot error somehow. The manual focus is one of the main reasons I chose this camera...

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