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what I am trying to say...and the more I experiment the less sure I am of the cause.but it happens for sure.

Use the EVF with no focus assist so you can see this take place...(do not use the magnified area or you can not see this)

Now put the camera in MF and get a good sharp while still looking thru the EVF half press the shutter.....see the focus change?

Now focus while holding the half press snap the photo....better?

I am not saying that is the way things should work ...but they do.

Now Panasonic Bob has told me he uses MF all the time, so maybe he can explain this.....if you get an answer from him be sure to let us all know what he says.

Or maybe someone else understands what is I said the more I expeiment the less I think it has to do with the aperture but it has to do with something.

sylvia if you get an explanation be sure and share it with us.

If you follow the DSLR forums you will find a thing they call backfocus ( which seems to be what we are all referring to)which seems to change from lens to lens not really by camera....but I am far from an expert on the subject.

What they do to demonstate this happening is take a ruler and stretch it out a few feet and focus in the middle and take a photo and see where the focus actually was. I think it is almost always behind the point they focused , hence the name.

It seems to happen with expensive cameras and lenses and not everyone with the same lens and camera combo will experience the backfocus problem.

But I would still like a workaround if there is one.
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