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You may be right and it may be my camera but I think its related to the available light and the aperture cancause the problem at times.....I think if you keep trying you will find its not consistent.....its close enough most of the time to correct in PS but I find it changes at times....Oh well ,if its working for you thats good.

Here I think this will demonstrate...set the camera on Aperture priority and choose F3.7 and do the MF and shoot ...not good right?

Now set the Aperture on F6.3 and try again ...much better ?

I just tried again....Manual exposure F3.7 and 1/500 sec---- manual focus did not hold when the photo was snapped. ( I tried this 12 times a couple were OK most were not)

F6.3 and 1/400 sec M focus held perfectly (I tried this 30 times almost all are perfect) .....well I am getting close after 40 years.

Now thats progress and who said I am a slow learner.

Raynox 2020 pro

That is the problem I find with the Raynox lens....some photos are all I could hope for and some leave a lot to be desired. And I have never been able to put a finger on what makes the difference and it has performed that waythru 4 cameras.

And I just went back and looked at a bunch of my Raynox2020 photos and while they were mostly with a FZ10 or 20..all the good ones were F4.6 or smaller aperture with F5.6 being the absolute best. Now to try that on the FZ30.....just a guess but 6.3 should be the magic number.

I am glad I got in this ...I do not know if it was any help to you all but it was to me.
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