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Thanks for your opinion and advice on the "resolution problem".

I have to admit that you're right in that, if I don't use maximum resolution, then I could have bought a much cheaper camera. The reason I went for the FZ30 was for (mainly) it's zoom and stabilising feature - yes, possibly they're other cameras out there that may have sufficed but, to be honest, with such a varied selection (and, yes, I did read up on many different camera reviews, both in magazines and on the internet), I ended up more confused that when I started!!!!

Apart from all the "criticism" about the noise aspect when shooting at ISO 200 and 400, this seemed to be the camera's only weakness. In my case, as I've not had to (nor normally do) print at larger than A4 size, this, from what I've read, is "not really noticeable". Of course, I do accept your point that if I compared tne wheel of my car at 3Mb against 8Mb as you suggested I try (cropped from the full picture and then enlarged), I'm SURE I would see the difference that you mention.

For any picture that I feel that this "could" be the case, of course I could take it at 8Mb. Yes, call be stubborn (or foolish??) but with a memory card of 2Gb and a 3 week trip planned to Disney Orlando, I feel that I'm going to take 1,000's of pics!!! Yes, I know, I could always buy another few memory cards or just unload the pictures somewhere every night - but that would also mean taking a PC with me too (I think)!!

Still, I do take your point and thank you for it. I'll post some pictures when I return on this forum but that won't be until May time.

Thanks once again,


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