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Just a polite heads up to those experiencing xD M series compatability woes..

I purchased my Fuji F10 for $269 last night at Sam's club.

I also bought an Olympus M512MB xD card. The card plays 640 x 480, 30fps movies just fine, and the card is readable by my:

New DellXPS M140 laptopcomputer's built-in mullti-media reader. This reader reads SD, xD, MMC, MS, MS Pro just fine. This is the built-in card reader that replaces the SD only reader like on my 300m.

I also purchased a small Lexar (P/N RW023) usb memory reader.

Thisis sold at Wal-Mart (among other places) with the camera media. It is marginally larger that the typical thumb drive/disk-on-key. It reads SD, MMC, MS, MSPro, XD and I can tell you that it reads XD M at 512 mb just fine.

This is it:

And is described here, elsewhere on this site:

I highly suggest this device to anyone who needs a modular thumb drive, had several media types, and especially those experiencing problems reading xD-M media.

I figured some of you are looking for solutions, and somewhere out there in cyberspace, some dude or dudette is trying to compile a xD-M compatability database...

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