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Yes, I agree with you that there is some beautiful scenery close by to me. This winter has been a rather cold one, with little/no snow on the ground most of the time (at least in the Valley where I live). I have posted a few pictures that I have taken up in the nearby canyons, but I think I have gotten about all the mileage I can from those pictures. So, with no snow in the Valley, I have run out of ideas for more pictures to share. I tried a more extended trip up the canyon, but none of the pictures were worth sharing, at least from a composition point of view. So I'm waiting for Springtime so I can take some short trips to some of my favorite places to photograph. I live in the extreme northern Utah, and I like shooting in southern Utah and northern Arizona. Another favorite spot is the Teton National Park in Wyoming. It's about a three-hour drive from here. So those are the places I am looking forward to visiting this year.

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