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Default ccd area

can anyone explain the how relationship between ccd area, and pixels, relate to quality.

eg, the canon s45 and the s50 both hav a 1/1.8 inch ccd.
one is 4megapixel,and the other is 5mp.
will the s45 have less noise, as it has larger ccd elements?
(these cameras are almost identical, apart from that.)

as the top end digital SLR's tend to use moderate pixel count (6 megapixels) but have larger ccd area to get the quality, so resulting image is a copable size 3000x2000, but has less noise.
(i know some use cmos sensors, that's going to be another topic)

I guess the dSLRs can rely on the user having appropriate lenses, to acheive the desired level of zoom, whereby the consumer/compact cameras, don't have detachable lenses, so make up for this, with extra megapixels, which can aid zooming/post production.

I'm thinking that the s50's 5MP ccd is still not particularly noisy, plus any extra ccd noise would be overshadowed by other noise in the system, lens, jpegging etc.

any views?
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