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I've borrowed a firend of mine's Nikon D100, and put my Tamron 28-200 XR (IF) Zoom lens on it to try it out. I have mixed feelings about it. Either the lens is not up to snuff, or the Nikon D100 is having issues. I noticed that Doug has some small "spots" on the imager, so there must have been some time he had changed lenses and gotten some small dust down in there.

I'm finding I have to up the EV from 0 to +1.0 EV to come out with a decent shot. Even then it has difficulties. I was taking somes shots at the beach (Lake Michigan) today and it would not let me take a picture when I wanted to. There was a green dot on the left and an EV light on the left that blinked. Now, I had it set to +1.0 EV stop and had to push in on the EV lock on the back to take a picture. Some pictures I took in flash with it's built in flash turned out very dark at 0 EV setting and got better when I increased to EV of .7 or 1.0

Anyone else experience this low brightness with the Tamron 28-200 zoom?

Perhaps if I tried a different Nikon camera body like the D50 it would work better. He has 2 bodies (Nikon D100) and I wonder if there is a difference between them?
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