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Because I both own and use the Kodak, DX-7440, Z760, V-530, V-550, V-570, P-880, P-850, Z7590, and the Z740 and Ihave beenan instructor of digital cameras for the last 10 years and have written three best selling books on digital cameras, I am sorry, but I disagree with TechGeek's recommendation to purchase the Kodak P-850 instead of the Kodak Z740 or the Z-7590. IMHO and experience the Z7590 is the much better choice and it will save you some money as well.

IS is not always a requirement unless you are shooting a majority of low light level photos.I am sorry to say it, but I feel that the Kodak P-850, even with the latest firmware update, is still a marginal camera, and that is really sad, becausea lot of us had high hopes for the Kodak P-850. Read the reviews, you will be surprised.

On the other hand the P-880 had done much better with both the reviews and with its photo output. However, it is still almost $ (US) 90.00 higher in price than the Z7590 and it is limited to a wide angle range of operation and it has no IS which for most users is not a problem at all.

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