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Norm in Fujino wrote:
dissembled wrote:
The DPR preview states that there is a FULL 1 SECOND shutter release delay when using B Live MODE for the Oly.

Does that mean a tripod is a necessity to use the B Mode??
Not absolutely necessary, depending on shutter speed and subject, but highly recommended, if you're going to get the advantage of the full 100% LCD coverage. They call it a "macro mode" and say specifically that it's intended for tripod use.
The A mode also has boost for low-light shooting that seems to work fairly well. (I don't have one, just tried it at the rollout seminar at Oly headquarters here in Tokyo)
There is a custom function to enable boosted A mode at low light. It's indeed very grainy and it just looks like some sorts of IR binoculars. IMO, it is worse than any consumer P&S DC, even if the same 1/2.5" CCD/CMOS is used. The culprit is that there is simply no enough light falling onto the liveview sensor A.

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