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Found It!

The "Meijers" chains usually have 1 in stock every few days. I would try calling in Grand Rapids or Kalamazoo, Michigan or Illinois.

Go here...

I bought mine from a Grand Rapids Meijers for $310 out the door. Great camera if you can find one! I warned everyone in another post about the availability of the A70. I purchased mine about 1 month ago. It was in the back stock room!! I am lucky to say the least. You are right in saying that Canon cannot keep up. I can confirm this as well.

CAUTION! If you are trying to order the A70 online(or any digital device a manufacturer is behind on) the order will probably be put on backorder, if not, cancelled all together. This is because many people still order online and those stores have a hard time keeping up as well. Calling an online store will do nothing if all they have are 100 or less cameras left. You can be guaranteed that you're at the end of the line of about 20,000 or so people.

Instead it is HIGHLY recommended that you pick up one from a PHYSICAL STORE! This will speed things up and also give you a better/faster return policy(if need be). Canon says that shipments can be expected to catch up in late august! Ouch!

It is a very...very! popular mainstream consumer camera.
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