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These pics are great, and they bring back memories that made me chuckle. We had a special museum exhibit come thru town several years back, and it was ancient Eygyption civilization on display, some very valuable artifacts and a lot of beautiful things to look at. It was a very large exhibit. I was quite excited, brought my camera, and was justhaving a heyday snapping away. I really didn't notice anyone else taking advantage of these gorgeous things to photograph and unlike the car show type events, I had no difficulty finding the right angles, or jostling with other photographers. As I was nearing the end of the visit and viewing practically the last things I had come to see...a young woman came up to me and politely pointed to a sign which tho it was in a prominent, easily seen position, I hadn'tseen at all. It read, "no photography please" or something very similair. I felt so dumb. I'm sure that I must have been noticed much much earlier, but I really think they just looked the other way. It certainly seemed so anyway, because no one even appraoched me until I was just about out the exit. No one asked me to erase my flash card, and I wasn't lectured. Maybe they were silently pleased that someone would have a record of this wonderful exhibition, who knows. Great, I was happy to see it.

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